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Washing Training Pants

Simple Instructions:
Washing training pants is pretty simple. These are general recommendations. Specific washing instructions can be found on each product page.
  1. If load includes any poopy training pants, start with a cold rinse or a short cold wash cycle.
  2. Wash on warm with a good detergent.*
  3. Tumble dry low heat.  
The Big NO's:
  • NO bleach.
  • NO enzyme cleaners.
  • NO  fabric softeners. Please avoid fabric softener in both the washer and the dryer including liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets.
A Good Detergent:
A good detergent will wash your trainers without damaging your fabric and rinse away clean leaving no washing residue, scent residues or chemical brighteners behind. 

Toddler skin is generally less sensitive than a babies. What you are already using on your families laundry, may be a great choice. I personally have skin sensitivities and use Planet powder or liquid detergent for all my laundry. A detergent recommended by the cloth diapering industry would be an excellent choice but other detergents may still work well for your family. 

If you need more direction on this feel free to send me a quick email, I am an expert in this area but don't want to overwhelm you.

Making the Load:
Most people don't have a large enough quantity of training pants to make an entire laundry load. If this is true for you, feel free to wash wet trainers with any load of laundry on cold or warm.

If you have any poopy trainers, remove the solid poop and, put the training pants in your washer first and run a cold rinse or a short cold wash cycle to remove any poo residues, then wash warm with the rest of your laundry. 

Trainers wash well with a load of towels. Be sure to NOT use any bleach, enzyme cleaners or fabric softeners with these loads. Do try to wash with at least a 1/2 load of laundry. If washing a smaller load be sure to adjust your detergent amount down proportionally.

Step by Step How it Works:
  1. You put the training pant on your little one and wait. Hoping for the best that it will magically make your child always and only pee and poop on the toilet.
  2. Reality comes with the first accident. Now you have a peed in training pant.
  3. It is just pee. Change your child and put the wet trainer in a wet bag to wait for the next load of laundry or its future peers. If the trainer has snaps, unsnap before putting in bag. If it does not have snaps, it is probably already inside out, just leave it that way. It will clean well inside out. If using cloth wipes, just add them to the bag too.
  4. New, clean, training pant #2 is on your little one. Your magic bubble has been burst by reality and you wait dreading your first poopy encounter with the training pants.
  5. Right on schedule your toddler poops in the training pant and not the toilet. Don't give up hope. Don't call for help just yet. Remove the training pant carefully. Wash you toddlers bum and dump any solids into the toilet. Matter-of-Factly tell your child that poop goes in the potty. If possible, have your child flush the poop away and wash his hands.
  6. If the solid poop came out of the trainer easily. Add this training pant to your wet bag along with the earlier peed in training pant. If the poo is mushed or too loose consider letting it dry out a little on the back of a toilet (be careful to keep dogs out of that bathroom.) After an hour it should come out of the trainer a bit easier. It tends to peel out at this point. Note, getting the training pant off your child before the child sits in it and smooches it is best.
  7. When you get down to your last couple of training pants, empty your wet bag into an empty washing machine, add the bag and do a cold rinse or a cold short wash. 
  8. After the cold rinse, add towels or other laundry to make at least a half load. Add the correct amount of detergent. (A little goes a long way so measure.) Wash on warm.
  9. Dry on low heat. Some hybrid training pant shells could easily air dry. All-in-one training pants should take a complete towel cycle to dry. If they are still damp, you can just leave them in to dry with the next load.
  10. Be sure NOT to use any Bleach, Enzyme Cleaners, Fabric Softener, or Dryer Sheets with loads of laundry containing training pants.
  11. Training Pants are now clean and ready to reuse. We suggest snapping any training pants together before use. Let your toddler put them on like underwear not like a diaper.