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Tots Bots Training Pant

Tots Bots Training Pant

Available in the USA for a limited time. Save 20% off with Code TOTS20. And one of my presonal favorites. I know this European designed training pant is expensive. I carry it because there is no other training pant quite so versatile that can be used with complete ease at every stage of potty training. This super simple to use training pant pulls on and snaps off. One piece simplicity. more...

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Size 1: 20-29 lbs
Size 2: 30-34lbs
Save 20% off with Code TOTS20. A personal favorite!
Available in the USA for a limited time!
Tots Bots Training Pant Lifestyle PhotoA super simple to use training pant that pulls on and can snap off if soiled. One piece simplicity with the option to add more absorbency if needed.

The Tots Bots Training Pant is designed to catch accidents. A great transition from diapers to panties or underwear. Tots Bots training pants will help keep floor and furniture safe while little ones are still learning.

My first response to seeing these in person was, "boy are they small." They really are a super trim option and will fit like underwear not like a diaper. The Tots Bots Training Pants have a narrow crotch like panties or underwear so no bulk between the legs. They also aren't supposed to fit up to the armpits or belly button like most diapers. These will follow the natural waistline of the child like underwear. The outer layer is the same PUL waterproof layer you might find in reusable diapers, but it isn't crinkly like the plastic pants or gerber training pants that make you cringe like nails on a chalk board.

The inner absorbency is attached at the front and back. This not only allows any extra boosters to be added underneath for more absorbency but it also allows for optimal washing and quick drying. The absorbency is made of a soft terry and will be comfy until wet! This is a one-use type training pant. If it gets wet or soiled, it should be changed promptly. For any naptime use, you would definitely need to add absorbency.

Enjoy the fun prints or simple white. Prints include a doll print called Dolly and Me/Dollie Mix and a galactic print called Space Dust. I just want to point out, that I realize these are a bit pricey but the cost is a direct result of importing from the UK. Even though these training pants are a bit pricey, I think they can meet a very specific need in the potty training world and wanted to offer them to you.

  • Waterproof outer to prevent leaks
  • Pull up with snap-side fastening for easy off!
  • Snap adjust-ability for skinny or chunky legs.
  • Stretchy fabric for additional comfort
  • Minky interior absorption to catch little accidents
  • Narrow, trim crotch for an underwear like fit.
  • Easily accepts extra absorbency for a boost. (Coqui Mini Boosters or Grovia Boosters fit under inside flap)
  • Available in white or 2 new fun Tots prints


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