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Super Undies Nighttime Undies Dream Prints
Dreamland - Super Undies NightTime Trainer

Super Undies Nighttime Undies Dream Prints

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Super Undies Sizing
Size 1: 3T
Size 2: 4-5 yr
Soaker Pods: Set of 2 pods that can add absorbency in the front right where some children need extra absorbency.
No, I don't need extra absorbency.
Yes, I would like a pair of soaker pods. [+$3.25]
Use discount code DRYNIGHTS17 to save $5.

Super Undies Nighttime Undies are an excellent solutions for overnight bed wetting. The Super Undies Nighttime Undies are waterproof nighttime underwear with adjustable absorbency to meet your child's needs.

Super Undies Nighttime pants are an excellent choice during potty training and beyond. Your child will be able to put these Undies on by his or herself. They will like the independence and the confidence of having a dry night. You can depend on Super Undies Nighttime Undies for trips, overnights at grandma's or for older children off to a sleepover.

Why the Super Undies Nighttime Pants Work?

Super Undies Nighttime Fit for Older Children

These bed-wetting pants are made to hold 450 mL that's a bit less than 2 cups. Here is how it is done:

  1. The external structure of the undies is made with waterproof material (PUL) throughout.
  2. The soft side panels are lined in waterproof (PUL) to help hold in leaks for side sleepers.
  3. There are 4 layers of built in cotton absorbency, two sewn internally and two layers in the moveable soaker pad. Absorbs quickly.
  4. The legs and waist are covered in water resistant fleece just for additional insurance policy against leaking.
  5. None of the absorbent microfiber fabric core touches the outer edges of the undies. This battles against leaking.
  6. Designed with an additional interior pocket to add extra absorbency if needed.

Your Child Can Sleep Better

A kid who wets the bed and leaks out can feel the cold in his sleep. This could cause him to toss and turn all night long, or until he finally wakes up, or wakes you up. Either way, getting a good nights rest leads to a successful day, and getting a poor nights sleep can make more than one member of the household pretty cranky. Super Undies can contain the wetness and keep your child's bed dry and warm.

The Super Undies bed-wetting pants (nighttime underwear) can be used with multiple levels of overnight wetters and child enuresis. While these bed wetting pants already designed to hold a lot of moisture ( 450 mL of fluid) you can even add extra absorbency if needed. If your child tends to have heavy wetting episodes, just add a step-up insert to your pants to boost the absorbency to the next level. Easily add the Super Undies Step-up inserts or other styled inserts you may already have on hand. I was surprised to learn that some children can pee 16 oz at a time. Your child is not unusual. But we are right here along-side you wanting you to find the comfortable, affordable solution for your child. Remember they won't be wearing them when they head off to college, but for right now, your child wants a dependable solution as much as you do.

Cost Savings for you!

Using disposable diapers adds up. When you have a baby, a disposable diaper costs about .11 which doesn't seem like much. But as you go up in size they get more expensive, until your paying over $1.00 a piece for UnderJams. That’s about $30 a month, and a pair of Nighttime Undies is about $30. Having two pairs of bedwetting pants may cost $60, but they will last you at least an entire year, and that will easily save you $300 in the long run!

How Long will my Child be Bedwetting?

If either parents were bedwetters, then consider the age they stopped wetting. Bedwetting is largely hereditary, so this could be a good approximation of when your child will stop. Even if it lasts a short time Super Undies are a great solution to move your child out of diapers for good.

To meet the needs of older children the Super Undies Nighttime Bed Wetting Pants are made to fit up to 14 years old! Additional larger sizes for a special needs or adult incontinence can be special ordered.

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