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GroVia My Choice Trainers
Vanilla Cream - My Choice Trainer

GroVia My Choice Trainers

Modern potty training pant with adjustable absorbency and quick-snap release. more...
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Easier than a Pull Up!
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The GroVia® My Choice Trainer is probably styled the most like a disposable pull-up training pant. You will find it very easy to use and wash. The design of the GroVia My Choice Trainer is trim while easy for a child to get up and down with its stretch side panels.

But don't get confused this is a real training pant not a diaper or a pull-up diaper. The GroVia My Choice Training Pant will catch an accident and still allow your child to feel wet. It will keep your floors dry and will be easy to change in case of a poo accident.

And if you need the absorbency of a diaper for nap, overnight, or a newbie babysitter, you can easily add more absorbency to this training pant.

GroVia My Choice Trainer Includes:

1 Training Pant Body
  • inside layer lets your child feel when they are wet
  • Interior absorbent layer is 55% Hemp/ 45% Cotton
  • Waterproof ultra durable TPU outer layer of fabric keeps wetness in the training pant and your floors dry.
  • Hidden pocket allows you to adjust absorbency for nights and naps.
1 Set of Side-Flex Panels that snap to Body
  • Included: Interchangeable Side-Flex Panels (Standard Size fits a 1T-3T approximate width size of 17"-20")
  • Additional Purchase: For bulkier/solid children or older children plan to purchase the Side-Flex Size Plus+ Panels for a better fit. (3T-5T approximate width size is 20"-24")

Additional Absorbency for Nap or Overnight for light to moderate wetters: Choose an insert with a high bamboo or high hemp content. This gives you high absorbency while maintaining as trim of a design as possible. Inserts should only be 4-4.5" wide.

We recommend:
Coqui Baby Bamboo Mini Boosters for nap-time or longer car rides. Boosters are 2-layers of active wick bamboo.
GroVia Organic Cotton Boosters for nap-time or longer car rides.
Coqui Baby Bamboo Inserts for overnight with its 6-layers of active wick bamboo.

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