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Best Bottom Hybrid Potty Training Pant Kit
Best Bottom Blueberry Potty Training Kit

Best Bottom Hybrid Potty Training Pant Kit

This is a training pant kit that allows you to snap in new absorbent pads and reuse your training pant shell.Kit comes with one Training Pant Shell and 3 Snap-In Feel Wet Inserts. Available in prints and solids. more...

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Small 2T (20-28 lbs)
Medium 3T (25-35 lbs)
Large 4T (30-40 lbs)
X-Large 5T (35-50 lbs)
Economical: 3-uses per kit
The Best Bottom Training Pant Kit is designed as an economical choice during potty training. With one shell and 3 inserts you could get up to 3 uses with one training pant.  I suggest that you use don't try to use only one kit alone. It is better to put an already ready Shell with snapped in insert on your child and let the previous shell air a bit. Then for the next change go ahead and use the first potty pant shell with a clean snapped in ready to go insert. 

The actual training pant set up is easy for kids to pull up and down! and the Best Bottom Trainers look and feel like real underwear. This Training Pant will does require you to snap in insert. This kit comes with one waterproof shell and 3 snap in inserts.

The Best Bottoms Training pant with its soft cotton exterior fabric and waterproof internal layer throughout the the shell make a great addition to your selection for potty training. The Snap-in FeelWET inserts are soft and absorbent, with enough absorbency to catch an accident and a layer of cotton flannel that stays wet so kids can feel when they need a change. Let the cute prints on each insert motivate your child to keep them dry, your child will want to avoid accidents just as much as you!

If you have been using the Best Bottom Diapering system, your diapering inserts will be compatible. They will be more absorbent than you need for a training pant but will be a nice choice for extended car rides or nap time.

How Many Inserts?

You'll need as many inserts as you'll have accidents. If your toddler is having frequent accidents or is in the early stages of potty training, you may want more FeelWET inserts. As potty training progresses, you can use as little as one insert per day if your child is accident free. 

When the insert does get wet, just snap it out, wipe the inside of the pants clean if needed and snap in a new insert! We find it easier to switch pants and use an alternate pant between accidents. If the shell gets soiled, a new pair of training pants is necessary.
4 Stars
Fun Prints, Good Concept, But...
We tried out this kit in the Panda print and my daughter loves the pandas. She also loves the colorful inserts (ours had various animals, but fabric styles vary of course). DD is 32 lbs and just turned 3, so I figured I'd go with the L/4T size since she was at the very end of the 3T size. Unfortunately, the 4T size is a very loose and baggy fit on her, which I don't love, but I think that's just user sizing error and probably she would fit better into the 3T size. Coming from cloth diapering, where I used prefolds and covers, I enjoy the concept of being able to snap out a wet insert and snap in a new one to reuse the shell. It's a fun idea to be able to mix and match patterns, and the kiddo loves it. It's almost like 3 undies in 1. However, the replaceable concept doesn't seem to work out quite as well for us in practice. Occasionally the shell is reusable, but unless it's a tiny accident it seems to wick onto the shell and we have to wash the whole thing. So, these are definitely best for later on in potty learning. They won't hold a full accident. The FeelWet aspect does seem to work, as she will go running for the potty if she goes even a little. The waterproof shell has inner flaps to cover the ends of the insert, so they have a lot going on, and since the liner isn't attached in the middle, it tends to get a little bunchy/wedgie-ish. I sometimes feel the need to help straighten/smooth things out when she pulls them up and down, but she doesn't usually seem to mind it even if it gets a little bunchy. In general I prefer one-piece trainers over these, I think, except for the fun aspect - my daughter enjoys all the colors and prints! But, they are a good option for later in potty learning, or if you already use Best Bottom products (I didn't), and a pretty good value for the cost IMHO.
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Reviewed by:  from MI. on 2/5/2016

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